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Room 2 - The Sugarhouse

sugar house

The name for this building varies with the region and may be called the boiling shed, sugar shanty or sugarhouse. This is a typical boiling operation where the sap is brought by sleigh or wagon then dumped into storage tanks. Usually a ramp or bridge of earth is built outside the sugarhouse to allow the sap to flow from the gathering tub into the storage tanks. From the storage tank, the sap flows to the rear of the evaporator where the boiling begins. As the liquid thickens, it moves to the front pan where it is finished. Syrup boils at 7.25 degrees (Fahrenheit) above the boiling point of water. When it reaches this point, the syrup is drawn off. The syrup is filtered and canned while still hot. Many syrup producers use barrels for storage. The bulk syrup is sold to cooperatives or wholesale buyers.

Note the stack of firewood. It takes about 1 full cord of firewood to make maple sap pumpabout 25 gallons of syrup. This varies according to the sugar content of the sap, which averages 2.5%. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of pure maple syrup.

There is an antique sap pump leaning against the wall by the wagon. This was used to pump sap when a bridge was not available.

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