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NY Pure Maple Syrup Multi Grade 4 Pack
NY Pure Maple Syrup Multi Grade 4 Pack
$16.00 + ($14.00 Shipping and Handling) $30.00
Maple Syrup set of (4) 3.4 fl oz plastic jugs. Try each grade of maple syrup!
Grade A Golden Maple Syrup comes from sap produced at the very beginning of the maple season. This is a very sweet syrup with a delicate maple flavor with a light color. Perfect for pancakes, candies, and making maple cream.
Grade A Amber Maple Syrup comes from sap produced in the middle of the maple season when the temperatures are a bit warmer. This syrup has a rich maple flavor and is the most common grade used on pancakes and waffles.
Grade A Dark Maple Syrup has a robust flavor that comes from sap that has been collected towards the end of the season when the days are longer and warmer. The lower sugar content in the sap produces syrup that is less sweet and has a darker color bringing out the maple flavor. This versatile grade is perfect not only as a topping but for glazes, cooking, and baking.
Grade A Very Dark Maple Syrup has a strong flavor and is best used as a cooking ingredient or for baking.

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